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Two items: compare and contrast competently in the essay

Two items: compare and contrast competently in the essay

A typical four-paragraph essay consists of an introductory section, two paragraphs in the body, and a concluding section with conclusions. Comparing products, items, people, or other things, we need to focus on their similarities and differences. You can compare two or more things.

First, choose a worthwhile topic. For the example of our essay, we have chosen the theme of “Expensive and cheap skin-care products: is it worth overpaying?”

Find out if you are going to compare items based on their similarities, differences, or both.

Choosing the structure of your essay, you should pay attention to the topic and the readership. There are two ways to go when composing your essay:

  1. To consider each item separately, one by one
  2. To compare two items by pre-selected criteria

Now, when you have decided on the topic of the essay, its structure, start with an introductory paragraph that will kindle the reader’s interest:

Have you ever wondered how the price of cheap skin-care products affects their quality?

The main reason for creating such an essay is to formulate and provide a useful outlook to the reader. Put the thesis at the end of the introduction. As an example, you can take the following statement thesis:

Budgeted products attract the buyer for their price. However, such a price is due to certain factors, such as lower quality components than more expensive examples. So by choosing cheap solutions, you run the risk of, for example, being allergic to some of the ingredients in the cream.

Now we go directly to the central part. It will consist of two paragraphs, as we will compare products on two criteria: content and effectiveness:

The foundation of any cream is always water and oil. But the additional ingredients are already on the conscience of the manufacturer. It can be precious, rare, and, accordingly, expensive extracts of plants and herbs, and there also can be synthetic fragrances. Cosmetic preservatives, by the way, are present in any cream – both expensive and cheap. Otherwise, the product simply will not be stored and deteriorated in a week, even in the refrigerator. A significant difference between some expensive brands is that they have their laboratories and independently develop formulas for creams, serums, and other products, and this is always an additional cost for research, staff, and more. Cheap brands, for obvious reasons, can not afford it.

Any cream cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and, in any way, affect the processes in it. Expensive or cheap – creams and other products act only on the surface of the skin and can give it a fresher appearance and temporarily relieve dryness.

Finally, summarize the comparison and conclude your reader.

Currently, there is no clear evidence that creams containing vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and collagen have a significant effect on the skin. But by purchasing a more expensive product, you will protect yourself from the impact of substandard ingredients. And don’t hurt yourself.

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